Janice Small: Election promise?

I have to wonder about Conservative candidates, one in particular today, her name is Janice Small.

What I want you to read is her leaflet:

Green deal?

Is this a green deal from the government or ...........

… does this particular candidate hint that you, the voter, is going to pay for your own insulation and is guaranteed that home heating cost are going to come down – because of a Tory government?

I could have read it wrong – I did look twice, but what does it say? “A Green deal that will mean you can insulate your home now and pay the costs over time through lower energy bills


That, to me, is saying that you pay to insulate your home, take out a bank loan or use you savings – or something else, then you will recoup the cost because gas bills will come down. Firstly, what if those bills don’t come down? Then you are out-of-pocket.

Secondly, why is that a “Conservative Government getting the country back on track”?

If you read further through that leaflet, it is a matter of talking points and that’s about it, very little in way of detail – much like all of the Tories policy at the moment.

Janice adds : With a hero, Baroness Thatcher on the Tory local site.

Thatcher is her hero? Well, if I were Janice and she wants to get elected, I’d keep the hero-worship toned down – a lot. Thatcher policies decimated her constituency – and a lot of people still remember that. Add to this that the Thatcher years are still being paid for all these years after. But I will pass on her hero-worship.

Where Janice gets the slight thumbs up is that she is a member of Power2010, I hope that she has signed the pledge. I hope that she really is behind the drive for election reform in the UK, an English parliament and a reformed House of Lords. Dave-boy disagrees with her election reform though, so maybe they are on different pages – that wouldn’t surprise me with what Dave says and the candidates spout.

I wonder if Janice will be on the LibDem side, if they should hold the balance of power after the election in righting so many wrongs on the civil liberty side, repealing the DEB for one?

Tomorrow I hope to review Mike Wood.

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2 Responses to Janice Small: Election promise?

  1. christiana says:

    Janice addresses the constituents with ‘dear fellow resident’when everyone in Batley and Spen knows she lives in Kent with her family. What a phony! She also speaks elsewhere about ‘my constituency’ and presumes to speak on behalf of ‘the Muslim community in my constituency’. Steady on love – you’re not elected yet.

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