Facebook Questions …

Or, as it should be, ordinary (sorry Guy and Ed) people asking extraordinary simple questions!

I say extraordinary because you would have thought that one of the multitude of elected imbeciles who frequent the house of commons, or even the local party blue rinse get together, would ask the self-same questions.

But what are those questions?

From Guy:

who let Whitehall get so damned inefficient if there are £££ of “efficiency savings” to be made?

Quite, who did? And how much money can be saved? It is, as we all know – but politicians think we don’t know – bullshit. That, as we also know, is what politicians live and thrive on. Just bullshit your way to a seat in parliament and then you will be looked after through vast pensions and a great salary and whatever we can throw your way. On those I will state openly that I believe MPs wages should be paid on a basis of their attendance in the commons, their posing questions in the house – written or verbal, voting record in accordance to what their constituents want and that it should be no more than 40 grand a year, including the PM. That is a lot of savings right there!

Add to that, I do believe that the civil service should be paid no more that 30 grand a year – both are entitled to pensions after they retire, at 65! That pension should be the same as the rest of the population – so fuck the unions on that one.

Ed’s question:

so UK, riddle me this, how can politicians who profess to love their country perpetually ignore and betray their countrymen?

Well yes – why? Because by their actions they don’t. What they do do is get into parliament, both houses, and line their respective pockets. These are, after-all, MPs – they do, really, have real power! They have so much power that they can, simply by agreeing to a Bill and bringing it into law crush the largest of large corporations within the boundaries of the UK. They can, as has been proven in the past – take over those corporations with the signing of a pen! Imagine that sort of power – think for 2 minutes.

Yet, as we have seen for the last 30 years – they don’t. Why? They do insist that they are working within the framework of parliament and working on behalf of their constituents blah, blah, fucking blah – this is where we come back to the bullshit mode!

As a once, now deceased, greater man than me said “To know when a politician is lying – see if his lips are moving, and even then don’t believe them.”

That is cynical – but it is politicians that have made me this way. Because they make my cynicism look like a rank amateur!

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