The UK Election begins

Right from the very start I am saying who I will be supporting. That would be the Liberal Democrats.

Though I say that with the conviction I can is because, even if they are seen as the 3rd, meaningless party, a wasted vote – there never will be any change in the UK until the UK electorate wake up and make that change. I thought that was the case way back in ’97 when Blair was elected – I have blogged about it before on how I cried like a baby when he was, it was the end of the Tories in power – or so I thought. I thought wrong. Blair was and New Labour still are extensions of the Conservative party. This is why I cannot ever support them again until we have a recreated Labour party, a party that works for the lesser off in our society, a party that works toward equality – a party that is liberal as it once was. Under Tony Blair and Gordon Brown the Labour party has become a party of corporations and business – and much more authoritarian that I could have had nightmares about.

I give this link – it goes directly to what the LibDems will be standing for:


People today are struggling with spiralling debts, rising food and energy bills and unaffordable mortgages. A decade of complacency by Gordon Brown has meant that with plummeting house prices, falling growth, rising inflation and rising unemployment, the outlook for the UK economy has not looked so bleak since the Tory recession of the 1990s.

We want to offer real help to the millions of families trying to make ends meet, so we will get wasteful government spending under control and give the economy a boost by cutting taxes for people from the bottom up. We will also crack down on big business and the super rich who exploit tax loopholes and do not pay their fair share. We will strengthen the economy by requiring the Bank of England to take house prices into account when setting interest rates and we will effectively regulate the banking system to prevent irresponsible lending and business practices.

Constitutional Affairs

The way Britain’s run means the Government doesn’t have to listen to you. One party can get control over Parliament even if only a quarter of people vote for them. So individual people and families don’t seem to have a voice to influence what happens. The old parties are comfortable because they know they’ll get into government every few years – so they never change things and they never will. But people are fed up of being ignored. It’s time to make a real change. We need to have an open political system that’s designed to listen to people and deliver what they need. Everyone should have an equal voice – not just people who can pay for big donations.

The Liberal Democrats will throw open the doors of government, reinvigorate Britain’s democracy and give power back to people. We will modernise government so that it serves the interests of all people, not just the vested interests of politicians, corporations or rich donors. Liberal Democrats plan to reform government so there will be no more privileged patronage, no more dodgy dossiers, no more excessive secrecy. Government should uphold the law, as well as our liberties, not seek ways to undermine them. We will create a British democracy for the 21st century that people can be proud of.

Those are but two.

The cynic in me tells me that once in power there will be a shift – I do hope that this does not happen. Yet, we have to question not just the LibDems – we have to question the electorate, will they have the conviction to change the UK? It is, after all, up to them.

Vote LibDem.

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