Obama is brilliant

I have been waiting to write about the HCR in the US – a victory yet still to be completely put to bed. To be accepted for what it is and the relevance to American history. Most know that it is the law of the land now. The GOP and the compatriot wingnut are to try, and try again, to still ‘kill the bill’ in anyway that they deem possible.


But is this to their advantage, I mean really, really think about it.

Once it sinks in what the bill has achieved, though still not as far as I would have gone – single payer option or a USNHS is where I still stand, once people really wake up to the true ramifications of the Bill, even in its current form it is a great thing.

But that aside – what you have to do is look at how dogmatic Obama was, and still is, in his political motivation in moving forward. He offered the GOP as much rope as needed, they took it, and, in the metaphorical sense, hung themselves.

A political game of chess is a long game, it is not – as many want, a quick fix. And Obama knows that. He does, I believe, know what his opponents are all about. As the right-wing of wingnuttery look toward the November elections, so does Obama – and he knows that he has to keep a good few of those Democrats in office. What I find odd about this is that even now the GOP is still playing more and more into the hand that is being dealt, and that hand is one that is hard to win without a complete bluff.

Andrew Sullivan says it well:

I don’t think conservatives have yet figured this out about a guy, who now, is their biggest danger to future political relevance. He’s grinding them, slowly, into dust.

Obama is still giving them rope and they are still willingly taking it. They will not co-operate. They will sue, they will do anything they can to bring about the downfall of one man. That maybe a great tactic in one sense – they, after all, want power back. But while they don’t co-operate, while they sue, while they throw bricks through windows – all the news channels will be on that rather on what they are doing for their constituents, which is precisely nothing. And, as has been said so many ties – people are not stupid for the most part. That, again, plays into the hands of the Democrats because they can show empirical proof that if you elect a GOPer they are going to go to Washington to do nothing. Is that what people want from their representatives?

The amount of footage given to the Democrats for, if they should use them, attack ad’s is, so far, amazing – and they want to give more? Beyond belief.

There is as always, one more thing to look at, young people; but as a picture paints a thousand words –

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2 Responses to Obama is brilliant

  1. Pied Type says:

    They’ve moved beyond trying to kill the bill. They’re now threatening to kill the lawmakers.

  2. It will be a tough battle. He still got a few more years though.

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