A Modern Conservative Party!

Quite, Dave, quite!

A madrasa, seriously, a Tory madrasa that wants, openly, to dismantle the health service. That believes in torture – no, seriously – and I have been asked why I dislike the Tories so much.

Add to that these people are being openly supported. It is, in a modern Britain unbelievable to me that this can be going on. What happened to Dave’s compassionate Conservatism? You think then that the UK will get better under a Tory government? Not only do they want to cut into public services like never before, including when Thatcher was around, and sentient, they will actively promote an American system of health insurance. OK if you can pay, Dave. Vile bastards!

But who is influencing all this?

Young Britons’ Foundation:

“Conservative madrasa” whose chief executive has called for environmental protestors to be “shot down” for violating the sanctity of private property. He also considers the NHS to be “the biggest waste of money in the UK”, favours torture provided the circumstances are appropriate (i.e. if the US says it’s all right), and has had his dear pupils entertained by the delightfully maladroit Conservative party chairman, Eric Pickles; by their Minister for Whig History, Michael Gove; and by Daveybloke’s chief barker and blatherer on defence, Liam Fox; besides such predictable preachers of moderation as John Redwood and David Davis. The president of the Young Britons’ Foundation is Daniel Hannan, another public health expert who is a Conservative MEP and thus a member of that charming European political grouping for whose tastes the likes of Silvio Berlusconi are too left-wing. The Young Britons’ Foundation’s idea of giving students experience of another culture is to fly them to Virginia to play with automatic weapons

Then, to add insult to injury, the fucking Tories want your bank to take your income tax and NI contributions directly from your pay as it is transferred from payroll to bank account. No problems there then, eh? By default the government will have any and all access to your banking and bank details – forever. Obviously to check that you are paying the correct amount of income tax. And we thought that the snakes belly had already been met with New Labour.

Well, you vote for them if you wish – but there is something wrong with you if you do.

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