Claude … thee protest too much

The narrative of the right-wing press is still abound, and loud, in the UK. It says that ‘Britain is broken’, the Brits are nothing more that the bane of the Earth, that teen girls get pregnant as soon as they reach 13 years of age [only the working-class ones, the middle/upper-class are virgins until they reach 20] … that working-class boys/men are nothing but a set of lazy twats who do nought but drink and smoke and produce offspring at will.

OK, that is how the right-wing think – this is why I believe those of the right are worth scorn.

But when you see an article on a left leaning blog, you roll your eyes and wonder!

So Claude comes up with this piece.Why people ignore smoking warnings and won’t stop no matter what. Well, I am one of those dreaded smokers – I want to give up, have tried, failed miserably, and yes, I do ignore the warnings and the pictures on the packet. Here in Canada they have some horrific ones.

So why do I ignore them? Well, simple really – I am addicted to nicotine. It isn’t hard to figure that one out. Want people to stop smoking? Make cigs with no nicotine in them! As gross as that sounds, it will make people stop, the addiction will go and the taste will be repulsive. Or – ban cigs out right, though that I cannot see with the tax take being so high.

Then there is the booze question.

In fairness, eradicating booze culture in Britain is no easy feat. If anything, the problem’s spiralling out of control.

Ask any foreigner and one of the first things they’ll tell you is that Britain’s a country of pissheads, that they’ve never spotted such massive amounts of binge drinking anywhere else and that, put next to an average Brit, Boris Yeltsin looked like a teetotal.

Well, as I do live in Canada, I have had some deep (pisshead induced sometimes) conversations about how people think about my mother country. Most say that England (a reference to the UK as a whole – like most other countries around the world) is full of hooligans, drunks, the Queen, and that the English like to fight a lot. When I ask them about boozing, as in Canada people do booze, a lot, – the say it’s because the Brit’s (see the subtle change?) can’t hold their liquor!

Of course I do ask if anyone has been to England, or Britain as a whole? The answer is invariably “No”. So how do our cousins over-seas come to this astute conclusion? Well – their news papers and online. The English they have met in Canada are ‘Great!’ – lovely people and not like those you read about.

Odd that? Not to me, but there again, odd to those inbreeds on the British right.

Yes, there is problems within the UK – certainly not much to do with the ‘evil booze’ That is a symptom of a greater problem. What it is to do with, which the right will not admit – or if they did would do nothing about, is that when you have statistics that blatantly lie, no jobs for young people to train for let alone get, you have a culture of complete hopelessness and there is always the bottle or can to take that despair away for a few hours.

I have said it for years, and years – get jobs back into the areas that have these problems. Not your maccy D jobs. Real manufacturing jobs, sustainable jobs that people will know that will be there for years to come. The problem will not die overnight, but it will drop more and more as people aspirations grow.

Add to that the good old fashioned public service broadcasts – they do them here, too – all part of a wider educational program, it works, and works well. Part of a greater education whereby people are asked to do the right thing. Not scared into feeling that everything they do is wrong and there will be new laws to counteract who and what they are.

It is the way that the UK government treats symptoms that has to change. Taxing the living death out of a problem, scaring the masses to death, constantly telling the population they are not worthy will not, and never has been the answer. What is; is letting go of the shackles and giving people the right to really chose, giving them back the respect they once had.

Interestingly we are seeing more and more of the middle-class waking up to see that these things are basically the imagination of the elite, of rabid journalists who are there to make money rather than report what is factual. That they pluck something out of thin air and run with it. That they sensationalise common problems and tar everyone with the same brush.

Guilt and shame add to that fear is what those middle-class journalist want the UK populace to feel – certainly not to feel good about themselves. And, that isn’t going to change soon either.

If you want to see evidence of that in action – wait until the world cup comes around. Then the papers will be instilling its variance of national pride in the whole country [England that it, they others didn’t get through /jest]. See how people will be elated while we are all pulling for the same thing and in the same direction.

Take that feeling through to the many other problems in the UK and watch the change. Even for those who despise the beautiful game.

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