Odd word, but one that I feel sums up a majority of people. At the top of the list the elite, our so-called rulers, those who govern.

Instead of politicians who have a pair of brass balls – those who would look at the top CEOs in the world; right in the eyes; up close and personal saying “Try me” – we have wimps.

Look, let’s be honest, no matter what, those who get elected to the leadership of political parties are the nerds with a little bit of muscle. They are not the right people to lead a country for the benefit of the people. This is what we want, we want some men and women in office who will stand up and be counted for us.

Does that make them hawks? Not really, it does mean that they have the people and the country at heart – are willing to sacrifice some part of their life to serve. Serve us, certainly not self-interest. Yet – that is what they have become. Self-serving automatons.

With that being the case – we show nothing but contempt for them.

For some strange reason they capitulate over anything that lobbyists bring to them. Whether it be banks, giant food corporations, farmers, gun nuts, religious groups.

A piece of legislation that could have meant that kids could have had an education that actually means real results in both equality and tolerance, now means that all is the same with a little bit of a change.

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