Why not let them filibuster?

It seems an innocuous question, but one I have looked at, because, as a mere mortal, the one simple thing that flowed very freely through my mind was – just let them get on with it and see how long they can talk without a piss.

Then, I watched Jon Stewart tonight and on his show his guest made the same remark, let them do it and see how much of a jerk they would look.

But it isn’t that easy …

In 1975, the Senate reduced the number of votes needed to invoke cloture to three-fifths (60) of Senate membership. At the same time, they made the filibuster “invisible” by requiring only that 41 Senators state that they intend to filibuster; critics say this makes the modern filibuster “painless.”


So I ask again, why not only let them, but make them? You will have to have 41 get on their feet and jointly make themselves look like complete tools. Proving that once and for all that the GOP is the party of “No!”. Which, as so many of us know is the case.

But what else is available for those Dem’s who have the balls for a fight and those who, as it also seems are not ready to fight their corner, those who want to stay out of the lime-light and roll over and die in the current cause of allowing the GOP to rule through minority?

1. The Senate moves to vote on a controversial nominee.
2. At least 41 Senators call for filibuster.
3. The Senate Majority Leader raises a point of order, saying debate has gone on long enough and that a vote must be taken within a certain time frame. (Current Senate rules requires a cloture vote at this point.)
4. The Vice President — acting as presiding officer — sustains the point of order.
5. A Democratic Senator appeals the decision.
6. A Republican Senator moves to table the motion on the floor (the appeal).
7. This vote – to table the appeal – is procedural and cannot be subjected to a filibuster; it requires only a majority vote (in case of a tie, the Vice President casts the tie-breaking vote).
8. With debate ended, the Senate would vote on the issue at hand; this vote requires only a majority of those voting. The filibuster has effectively been closed with a majority vote instead of a three-fifths vote.

Though you would not have the 67 votes to change the filibuster rule, you do have the ‘Nuclear Option’ (not the weapons sense).

So why don’t the Dem’s use this?

At some point the Dem’s have to look in the mirror and say to themselves that they are a massive majority, Obama has to slap some faces, and they have to get the job done! That is what the majority of the American people elected them for – so get on with it by hook or by crook.

Get ‘er done!

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2 Responses to Why not let them filibuster?

  1. pied type says:

    Love the idea of MAKING them filibuster. We’d probably never hear the word — or threat — again.

    Meantime, I’m all for git ‘er done as long as they git ‘er done right. I don’t subscribe to the idea of “just pass something, anything, and we’ll fix it later.” It produces too many unintended consequences and too many bad laws — that may or may not ever be corrected.

  2. museditions says:

    Dude, how ya been? I like your ideas here. If people are going to get involved in the government, they may as well articulate themselves out of all their puffery.

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