Return of the Bastard Child …

I am not, nor ever will be, a tourism information officer – and I thank the Lord for that one. But one thing I can say is that if you ever should visit the UK, never, ever call anyone a bastard. It evokes an anger that I have never seen any other word present. It is a hated word – and, oddly, a word that is used in North America as if it means nought. So much so that the word ‘fuck’ cannot be said on TV – but bastard is as acceptable as ice-cream.

What we are now seeing in their move to stigmatise all who are not married in the UK is that their ideas of branding children as bastards is the way forward in Tory eyes.

Not just this, but that working-class fathers are too thick to be around children – to love them as their mothers do, and that those mothers may well be as stupid as the fathers because it will be up to granddad and grandma who will, eventually, have to bring up the kids.

“The aspiration of marriage is becoming harder to achieve. Instead of it becoming just what you do in your 20s, it has become like scaling Mount Everest, a sort of great moral endeavour – and something that requires a lot of time and money. We think we need to ease some of the pressures,” he said.

“There is quite a lot of evidence coming from America about how we are in danger of heading towards a society where middle-class people get married and people on low and erratic incomes don’t get married, and that in turn leads to a divergence of a whole host of other outcomes.

Odd that. It was the Tories who almost destroyed the manufacturing sector in the UK – a policy carried forward by New Labour – and that baton will be taken up once again by the Tories if they return to power.

One explanation for the middle-class bias towards marriage in the US, Willetts said, was the fact that there were fewer eligible working-class males, owing to deskilling of societies.

A Middle-Class ideal won’t cross over into the working-class if there are no jobs to sustain a family – it really is as simple as that. Though Willetts and his other Middle-Class think-tank buddies will not entertain that idea.

So the policy of outcasting will begin in earnest once the Tories return. Stay married, get married, only have children within marriage. There will be briefings by some bureaucrat before a civil marriage: The green paper will propose home nurse visits for new families with greater emphasis on help for the father, and relationship guidance at the time of a civil marriage similar to that given by a vicar.

Current evidence suggested that people divorced too readily, but Willetts admitted that his party could find no way to make divorce more difficult in law.

At least he did admit that they looked at ways to do it.

Welcome to the new conservatives.

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