Conservatives fuelling terrorism?

The world has changed – a pretty bold statement, but it has, yet we see so much neo-conservatism around, you can add to that, neo-liberalism, but what are the effects of this ‘new’ conservatism?

As I say, and, I believe that I am in the majority, the world has certainly changed – for me it is a more liberal world now with conservatives fighting for the imagined 1950s Hollywood world that never really existed in the first place. Hollywood has a lot to answer for, but it is those who believe the celluloid as fact, rather than fiction, that are to blame. Not us who live in a world of reality – certainly not us who fight at every opportunity against neo-conservatism, or, indeed, conservatism, itself.

I add this link because I think it is pertinent to the argument about what disillusioned conservatives are, and feel.

The ‘War on Terror’ was and still is an extension on the war on drugs. We see now that the US is fighting on all fronts – whether it be Latino’s, al-Qaeda or anyone who is involved in the drugs trade – a trade that is as lucrative today as it has always been – and will still be as long as conservatives harp on about how evil drugs are.

The addiction to drugs is the real failure, we also have to say that those who are the real victims to those addictions – the crime that comes about because of it, and that terrorist benefit from it, because it is illegal, because conservatives will not admit anything other than what their favourite mantra is ‘ban it!’ money flows to these organisations – by the millions.

We look at abstinence – an abject failure. We look at “just say, No!” Failure once again.

Though I believe conservatives have a heart somewhere – it is not in the right place. It is not the sole of the being, it is a politically motivated power-cycle that they cannot rid themselves of, to look at the world as it really is, and more-so, accept that the world is very different from their favourite Hollywood movie of the ’50s.

Rational thought, as a stand alone, says that if the Bin-Laden gang, Columbian warlords, Afghan farmers, Mexican boss of bosses can make billions from delivering misery to thousands across the world – because conservatives stand by their ignorant views – shouldn’t questions be asked?

I suppose that al-Qaeda have grow up in one sense. They now know it is a matter of raw cash they need to prolong their evil fight, as it is always in such cases. And we have to look at who and whom are allowing it – it is those who want to outlaw just about anything that is pleasurable to the majority because of small-mindedness.

Those of small-mind are both neo and old conservative. This world is getting worse, not because of liberal views but because of outdated, incoherent, nonsensical views of a vocal minority. And way too many listen with the view that wrapping some in chains will free them more.

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