*Shakes head and Head-desk*

Though I love politics – and openly state that I detest politicians – there is a time when you really, really have to wonder where those in power get their ideas from.

I could understand it if it were a matter that they believed in an alien invasion, the world coming to an end in 2012 or something that would should they had some form of mental deficiency – but this is not the case.

From the link:

The Senior Salaries Review Body review followed claims some peers abuse the £174-a-night overnight allowance.

It says overnight claims should be cut to £140 but daily allowances for office costs and food, worth up to £161.50, be replaced by the £200 attendance fee.

So – if I am not mistaken – if you have abused the expenses system, and as a rebuke, you get a 60 quid a day raise!?

And they, those parasites in power oft ask why people will not vote for them or understand that the “Upper” chamber is loathed and detested even more.

Can they not understand that it is because of moves like this? It is, as always – taking the piss and passing it off and reform.

Peers who attend the House of Lords every day it sits – an average of 150 days a year – could receive up to about £30,000 a year if they claimed the maximum attendance allowance.

When, oh when are we going to get some leaders – or just your average MPs with some balls who can see, and do something about this abuse? Managerial politics is killing the very art, and I know many-a-person who are getting very, very pissed off at what is going on within the walls of parliament.

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