If miracles are to happen …

… and New Labour were to pull off an election victory – they would appoint Mandelson as Minister of Propaganda.

Lord Mandelson is being tipped as a possible “minister for information” under a shake-up of the way Downing Street holds its media briefings announced today.

It is a position that would suit him well, after all he would not need to fight an election, he is an appointed “Lord”. Even though he has had to resign several times from other positions in government he is sticking this term out – no matter what.

But why would the country want a minister of information?

The first thing you have to look at is that Mandelson was a very good spin-doctor for a certain T. Blair, ‘member him? As MoI he would have the press eating out of his hands, something he likes. He would simply hold a press conference each week to tell the country what was happening within the government – yet, as the Guardian says, he would keep his title of business secretary…

Has Mandelson the high idea that he will be the president of the UK? I can see that idea appealing to him, too. After all, as many know the open secret, Mandelson is the de facto PM even now – but I could be wrong.

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