How do MPs calm public anger?

By accepting a report that is taking the piss!

The BBC has reported that MP will no longer have the luxury of claiming mortgage interest on their second homes – but will be able to claim rent. Who will they rent from and how much rent will they be allowed to claim?

These new proposals will take effect over a five year term – how lovely for those poor under-aid MPs. It would be good if they treated the general public with as much concern. On benefits, get a job, your payments stop or you are fined or worse, banged up. Yet, I don’t know of any MP that has even been charged with anything. Though, as it is in parliament-speak – they were all doing this within the rules, or so close to them no action will be taken.

Also in the report it is said to contain some sentiment about not being able to employ your family members – but this has brought anger from some who claim that you cannot tear up contracts. That would be a legal dispute.

Putting thousands of public service workers and Royal Mail staff on the dole is just fine, though!

One Tory wife who works for her husband and has done for a number of years points to the expenses scandal as a public misconception and that she, as well as others, work really hard for their crust from the public purse. I am sure she does – yet that isn’t what this whole thing was all about – or was it?

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It was about fleecing the trough, that is what people were, and still are, angry about. See your Lawyers, take action in the courts – all that will do is show the public that you are willing to fight in the law courts to keep your hands on that public money – and that is whether it be Union lawyers of personal ones who take legal action.

Will you then wonder why people will turn their backs when Unions need public support? Don’t bet on it.

In my opinion the report does not go far enough and get nearly enough money back from MPs. Nor are these recommendation about to be brought in fast enough. I am not sure whether my opinion is in the majority – I just hope it is.

That money belongs to the tax payer – and should be paid back!


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