Tories want to deregulate TV by regulating the BBC

Fucking genius that one!

The Tory government would ‘rip up’ the BBC Royal Charter and will do something to regulate what the BBC can add to its website – I think that is what they are saying, analogies from the Tories are obscure at best.

Offering an example, he said: “It might sound well and good for them to have, say, an angling website, but if it drove out of business every angling magazine in the country, you would have to question if it was the right sort of thing to do.”

But what does this really mean?

Well, firstly, it will mean that they are pandering to their new friend Rupe. That was in the bag once The Sun had turned its back on New Labour.

As far as I know, Independent Television in the UK doesn’t have a charter – the BBC does, as this is the case the BBC can’t be biased, or can it? According to many-a-Tory the BBC has a massive liberal bias. How that is the case I am not sure – do they mean in news reporting or as a corporation as a whole? If the latter should be the case what about certain independent corporations that have a massive right-wing agenda?

Not so much.

Tories demand bias rule in BBC charter

The BBC is facing demands from the Government (Tory at the time, Saturday, 29 July 1995) to insert a clause governing impartiality into its charter as part of the renewal process which is nearing completion.

As you can see, this isn’t exactly new – except that the Tories are always on the attack regarding the BBC. If the Beeb should come out and simply say they are going to give the Tories free reign to say and do anything on their channels – the Tories would back off. It is precisely because the Beeb doesn’t do that; that they are attacked so much.

Jeremy Hunt told the Financial Times that the corporation was “out of touch with the hard times the rest of the electorate is going through”.

Yet, of course, David (multi-millionaire) Cameron is? With all his Eton pals?

Give me a break!

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