£600m windfall for private firms

Nice pick up that.

How do these firms qualify for a piece of a £600m pie? Make sure that those who are on incapacity benefit get back to work or that they qualify for a cut of 25 quid a week.

All this, of course, in the time when jobs in the UK are – let’s say – a little sparse. Yet, that means nothing to both New Labour or the Conservatives. It means getting the benefit scroungers off the higher paying incapacity benefit and you can pay a company to provide training and evidence that those damned scroungers should be getting as much money.

This, in the face of giving the top percentage – in the guise of promoting saving – a gift of increasing the tax threshold on inheritance tax. This is by Dave Cameron’s “caring Conservatives”.

He, and the Tories, could care less for those who are poor – or sick for that matter. He was born into a family who could send him to Eton – why should he care? You can bet that the private company that get those off incapacity benefit will be a Conservative Party donater.

The idea is for private training firms to be employed to prepare the unemployed for work and also to assess all 2.6m people on incapacity benefit to see what work they might be able to do.

The initial start-up cost of the change would be £600m, the Tory leader said.

The Tories say they would cover the cost of the scheme by transferring more people from incapacity benefits to Jobseekers’ Allowance.

Yep, it does mean that D-Cam is looking out for the vulnerable in UK society – as much as New Labour have. Is this, then, any wonder that there is so many who distrust D-Cam and his minions? Is it any wonder that people do believe that having a Conservative government will be nothing more than ‘more of the same’ or worse?

We will see, or in my opinion, we won’t – what the Tories are going to offer policy-wise in the up and coming general election campaign. It will not be as effective in overturning the illiberal policies that New Labour have brought to bare. It will be repackaged New Labour policies.

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