What will Murdoch want in exchange?

The Sun tabloid has changed sides – though that seems a little dubious because New Labour and the Conservatives are joined at the hip. The Sun has backed New Labour for the last 12 years of government and now they are going to endorse the Tories – no real surprise there.

But because of this – we have to start asking what will Murdoch Inc expect in return?

It is almost nailed on that the BBC will come under more fire so I can see – as this is a love/hate relationship – the BBC will be one of the first places for decimation when – and if – the Tories come to power.

They are still odds on favourites to take the government benches.

Of course The Sun will now begin its attacks on New Labour and Gordon Brown in particular. Though this will mean New Labour will have to really start to fight, I can’t see them getting another tabloid in place to get across their message – yet, with that, I have to ask if this is a bad thing.

New Labour has to die a complete and utter death. Only then will the Tories be seen for who they are and a new left party can come into being. “Old” Labour would have been chomping at the bit to have a go at New Labour and her Tory sister. And that will need to happen in the future.

Where will that “new” left come from? That I have no idea about at the moment. But, as was tabled today – a party that will be setting aside group homes for young mothers to be Matroned needs not to be a part of British society.

I do detest New Labour and all that it currently stands for – that little snippet and the fact that New Labour will still carry forward its illiberal policies has sealed the deal for me. And I hope for millions of UK voters. I do still stand by the LibDems – I do feel that it is about time that people really did give them a chance. Even if only for one term so they can bring back a lot of the liberties lost and a real electoral voting change.

New Labour and the Tories have crippled the UK over the last 30 years – now really is a time for change. It is up to the LibDems to get out and fight not for themselves – but for the British people and the British soul.

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