Want to stop your son becoming gay?

I do read some interesting stuff – oft I will watch a bit of it, too.

But – one thing the family values people are saying is – to say the least – very, very interesting indeed!

What you do to stop your son looking at the old dirty pictures is tell him that it will make you gay! Simple, done, dusted!

I bet you can guess that Sen Pawlenty (Plenty), if chosen to run against Obama come 2012 will be using as much of that Reagan stuff as possible. The GOPers – and the affiliated nut-cases – will hark back to the good (read really, really bad) old days when Reagan waltzed into the White House – and even today the world is feeling the ramifications of that one – and became US president.

Let’s hope that Americans will see the benefit of having Obama as president and therefore elect him with a greater majority.

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