When Republicans say…

… that the American people are better off – economically – under a Republican administration, they are off on that planet Barney Frank talked about, because it is simply not the case.

How do we know this?

Well, as simply put as possible – you just have to look at the figures.




And here.

Not convinced? Well why not? Those are official figures – they are showing that GDP grows more under a Democrat administration, taxes come down, social programs are better paid for and – and this is the kicker – deficit comes down.

Take the woeful president Reagan: He raised the deficit and then it was raised again by the next Republican. No new taxes, indeed! It was only when Clinton came into office – or left it we should say, did the US actually have accounts in the black!

What happened then? G W Bush happened – and when he left office? You know that part of history.

The only people who get decidedly wealthier while a Republican is in office – the top 1 to 10%.

How then, is that better for the working-class or, indeed, the middle class?

Obama has, as one of his first actions as president, reduced taxes for 95% of the American workers/middle-class! Rather than shouting him down the Right should be singing his praise because he has already done what they want from a government.

What he also inherited, Obama that is, was an American economy that was tail-spinning into oblivion because of Reaganomic policies followed by G W Bush!

That has almost been turned around.

Does there need to be efficiencies? Of course – no one will argue that. But, and this is what irks me more than most things in debating economics – the Right keep telling ‘the people’ that the only way to cut deficits is to cut spending. If, and that is a BIG if, it was as easy as that there would never be a problem – for anyone. You cannot conduct a national economy the same way you balance your chequeing account!

If you did, the economy would be dead within a week!

We pay taxes for a lot of things – how we utilise that money is what counts. If there are not taxes there is no anything, no police, no schools, and no roads ad infinitum.

Middle-class and working-class republicans vote against themselves, their own self-interest – which, to me, doesn’t seem that much of Republicanism at all.

As for being fiscally conservative – there isn’t any evidence that this is the case either. Republican administrations spend what they don’t have – and then give away (spend government incomes) even more in tax cuts for the rich.

That is just nuts!

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2 Responses to When Republicans say…

  1. museditions says:

    Wow, great research, Will-the-Cyn! This should be required reading for every US voter before every election. I had always suspected this was the case, but you pulled all the relevant data together. Cheers!

  2. Kelsie says:

    Fascinating, how it’s suddenly become “patriotic” to refuse to pay taxes……but if no one pays taxes, the government can’t maintain that ridiculously-overfunded and overworshipped military machine! So, in effect, by refusing to pay taxes you’re refusing to support the troops! Commie! Bin Ladenite!

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