Not often you will get me agreeing with the Scot’s

But really – Americans are going ballistic about a dying guy getting the right to die with his family. Some, I have seen elsewhere, saying that they will boycott everything Scottish – and some even saying that they will willingly spit in the face of any Scotsman they meet in the US.

Well – that’s fine – if you want a broken nose.

My beef has never been with the Scottish people per sa, rather the SNP and the call for Scottish independence – all I say is if Scotland wants to be independent male it official and stop taking money out of the Union and stand alone.

But, and lets be real here – many Scot’s believe Abdelbaset al-Megrahi did not commit the atrocity of Lockerbie. And, under Scottish Law, which all agreed (including the US) he should be tried, dictates that you can appeal to get out of prison under special circumstances – especially if you have been told you are about to drop dead.

The dancing and flag waving at his return was, in our eyes, a bit over the top – yet we have to look at those who have been brought home by US politicians to a heroes welcome to the US. You can go back to the 1960s with Gary Powers. He was on a spying mission and the US went ballistic when he came home.

There are many others in history where this is the case, is that right – or do we bend to American sensibilities at home-comings?

I always find it best to sit back and ponder when it comes to nationalism – for it is proven that with raw emotion you get things very wrong very quickly.

We need to find out who commented the crime that was the bombing of flight 103 – and, personally, I think that will be a revelation to people who are willing to look at the facts. 270 people lost their lives and it is up to all concerned to find out the truth even today – because the wrong that is imprisoning a person who did not commit a crime is etched in the books of law, even in the US.

Before condemning a whole nation, look to thyself and judge.

And, if you don’t want to visit Scotland because of their laws – then don’t, boycott as you wish – but don’t be too surprised when the Scot’s then hit back and tell you that they don’t want you there.

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