Are some Americans THAT dumb?

Even TV presenters?

Do not get me wrong – I KNOW that the majority of Americans are not that dumb – they “get it” there is a problem with the healthcare system but, and for the LOVE OF GOD, why do you have to keep smacking some Americans with a wet fish to make them come to their senses, I quote:

“I believe that there is a health care crisis, I really do,” she told me from a dentist chair in the clinic. “Do I believe that the government needs to be more involved? No! Because I think that they just — whenever they get their fingers in the pot it just kind of turns black.”


See my other post about how the government is involved and its going decidedly dandy! Medicare? Medicaid? Police forces, fire fighters – even the fucking military!

What about NASA – that’s pretty good isn’t it?

The woman quoted doesn’t have insurance – so she goes to this clinic that is, get this, 50% public funded. Erm….?

She can’t afford insurance – so like I mean – DUH!

I should, at this point, get the wet trout out!

Lewis is publisher of The Mountain Pioneer, a monthly newspaper focusing on the outdoors, and he says people around here are just fed up with the mounting federal tab that’s being racked up in Washington.

“We’ve just spent so much money on the stimulus and the TARP,” Lewis said, noting that Social Security and Medicare are projected to be bleeding red ink soon too. “And then we’re going to add another huge entitlement in terms of the public option.”

So, this gimp would be okay with Reagan spending all those billions and billions bringing down communism? Quite – especially now that those TARP funds and stimulus are monies borrowed from a communist State!

No, don’t let a bureaucrat get in the way of you and your doctor, just let a CEO get in the way – or you could go to a clinic that is part funded by the public – because you don’t have insurance.

I despair!

How about each and every working American pays 10% of their wages into a fund – lets call it a US MedicInsure Fund – and when they go to the doctor, or hospital ER – they don’t have a deductible – they just get treated and off they jolly well go. Business also pays, all of them, 10% into that fund, no more fighting to get your people insured, all is done.

Let’s say then – those payments are out to offer to the best insurance company that comes up with the best coverage for all. Of course they must cover everyone and all those pre-existings.

I wonder how much of a fight there would be from the insurance companies to get their hands on that kind of income?

If anyone would like to draw up the figures for that 10% – by all means do, I can’t be bothered – but I do know it would be one hell of a lot of dosh!

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One Response to Are some Americans THAT dumb?

  1. museditions says:

    Well, I’m with you, Will. This goes along with those protesters who “want the government to stay out of our business” who have kids in public schools and parents receiving Medicare whilst they’re out protesting.
    One hopes one is included in the majority of Americans who “are not that dumb”. 😉 And of course, for detailed wet fish smacking instructions, the classics cannot be improved upon:

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