Ok, it is now time to concede that private business should run healthcare – but read on…

Now, being the person I am I know when to give up a fight – and maybe it is about time that one side of the healthcare debate gave it up – but should it be the Obama side; saying that private business is the best way forward.

There are many who believe this. So much so that they will attack, albeit verbally, one of their strongest allies in the process i.e. the UK. Specifically the UK NHS – which was a bloody stupid thing to do taking into account that the British, or at least most of them, love the NHS.

So, who really should skulk into the closet with their tail between their legs?

Is it business: Private business where so many are screaming blue murder at town halls?

We could always look at what government can do and what business can do, eh?

Recently – I am sure that you remember it – we, the world and especially the USA, had a financial breakdown. The banks, those banks that are or were free and private and big business, so big that the government had to bail them out. Was that free market business doing its best to get a few dollars into the pockets of its customers – or were they just charging the earth and fleecing their customers to procure enormous profit for a few who sat on the board?

Was it then private business who made a total bollox of what they were supposed to do best – because of greed and profit – who almost brought the US to its knees? And, as I have said – begged the government to get them out of the shit?

Was it not also the insurance companies like AIG who begged the government to keep them afloat because they made some serious mistakes?

If private business is so good at doing their job – why was there a financial crisis in the first place?

The US government got a man to the moon – and HMOs won’t pay out on what they are supposed to cover you for?

And some don’t trust the government to do what they are supposed to do? Some are correct in doing so. But if your insurance company could get a man to the moon I bet you would be impressed – but your not impressed that your government wants to make insurance companies do what they should be doing?

Who’s the odd one out?

At least in this – it isn’t the Obama administration.

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2 Responses to Ok, it is now time to concede that private business should run healthcare – but read on…

  1. Bob in Queensland says:

    Very good point eloquently put, Will.

    I’d actually mentioned AIG to one of more conservative friends recently that “trusting in business” is not always safer than “trusting in government” but you extend the thought nicely.

    It’s ironic and sad that the scare mongering (death panels indeed!) put forward by those with vested interests tends to be working mainly on those with the most to gain from a sensible, publicly funded health system. If I have one criticism of Obama, it is that his proposals don’t go nearly far enough to reap the BIG benefits but I guess I understand the political expedients. Still, I despair at the level of debate in the USA.

  2. 16sd says:

    If the private insurers are so great, then why do we have this current problem? Good post though. You have a sharp taste in layouts.

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