An important addition to the many plastic cards that most people already carry

While that statement is rather bloody stupid in itself as an explanation – or should that be a selling of the idea? It is more of a dark passage from an nouveau-Orwellian novel.

“Well what is your problem – you already carry every credit card going – what will it really mean to you if you carry a bio-metric ID card that has every thing about you on it!?”

Not many would be that worried if it wasn’t a frigging government that, for one, loses personal information almost on a daily basis. And two, a government that says doormen and park keepers can fine you and access the police database.

How did we come to this state of affairs? I am genuinely asking that question – how?

Some nutcase in Whitehall has this brilliant idea – or was it the Pentagon, that keeping all that info will stop all those terrorist from bombing the living fuck out of London or Washington.

That’s certainly gunna work!

You can bet hard bastard doorman No 1 will, eventually look up hard bastard doorman No 2, just to see what record he has, if any.

Louise did it to Johnny on Two pints (excellent comedy if you haven’t seen it – worth buying the box set!)

Louise, for fun, and after being invited to work at a statistics office changed Johnny’s record – so much so that once he came up on the database he was shot.

Now that is comedy – but so is NuLab’s policy on ID cards! Yet you cannot dismiss that if some burly jerk decides to do one of his tricks – just for fun, mind, and causes panic.

I know this may sound really vengeful, but I cannot wait for one of those ID cards that a NuLab minister (because they will be carrying them, won’t they?) carries gets nicked, is then copied and all hell breaks loose. Of course Alan Johnson doesn’t think this will happen – if he had any sense he would just scrap the cards – but no, he insists that people carry them, voluntarily.

For some strange reason becoming the Home Secretary turns you into this moron from the planet dumb-twat! For that is what is happening to another one.

The day that these idiotic laws made up by NuLab are repealed will not be a day too soon!

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