It is quite beyond me but I, like so many, believe that when Germany was two seperate countries – the east part was more free than the UK.

Don’t believe me?

There are more, but we will just use two, commissioners who have the titles of “chief surveillance commissioner” and “Interception of Communications Commissioner”.

That’s England – the England of Rule Britannia and Jerusalem! Land of Hope and Glory along with God Save the Queen!

And what is more surprising than the actual names of these ‘commissioners’ is that THEY are saying that local councils and, to some degree, the police are utilising surveillance way too much and for the wrong reasons and ignoring the rule of law – or guidelines from parliament!

They are saying that because of the misuse of RIPA (Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act) powers should be removed from councils because they will not stop breaking the law – and that, I must add, is a good thing. Local councils should never have had access to these powers in the first place.

So just how free is the UK citizen – not much, because this “concern” isn’t going to effect Scotland – just other parts of the UK.


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