A centre-right think-tank says: “Pay to see your doctor!”

This is an eye-opener – refreshing and indeed fearsome all at the same time.

The Tories – in their pledge to keep a free at the point of use healthcare system will charge people to see their doctor. Of course this will not mean any creep effect and the slippery slope to private insurance provision of healthcare in the UK, although if Tories were really honest that is exactly what they want.

The Tories have never liked, nor really supported the NHS – it simply costs too much for them and if it was an insurance based care system they could reduce the tax of both the corporations that would run that system and afford a massive tax cut for the rich.

The inequality thinking of the Tories can be seen in just about every aspect in NuCon’s manifesto – once it is public of course.

Do we know who are advising this group that wishes to do away with YOUR healthcare system?

SMF Board :

Policy Advisory Board

Lord Victor Adebowale (Crossbench)

Wendy Alexander MSP (ScotLab)

Professor Nicholas Barr

Liam Byrne MP (NuLab)

Dr Vincent Cable MP(LibDem)

Philip Collins

Simon Crine

Don Cruickshank

Evan Davis In 1998, Davis released a book, Public Spending, published by Penguin. In it he argued for the privatisation of public services as a means to increase efficiency.

Ed Davey MP (LibDem)

Alan Duncan MP

Daniel Finkelstein

Liam Halligan

Lord Christopher Haskins

Nick Herbert MP (Con)

Sir Peter Lampl

Dr Oliver Letwin MP(Con)

Peter Lilley MP (con)

Maria Miller MP (Con)

George Osborne MP (Con)

Lord Bhikhu Parekh

Trevor Phillips OBE

Lord Raymond Plant

Sir Stephen Sherbourne

Sue Slipman OBE

Lord Dennis Stevenson

John Tizard

Lord Andrew Turnbull

Stephen Twigg (NuLab)

Andrew Tyrie MP (Con)

David Willetts MP (Con)

So we look at the over-all picture – and taking into account that we know NuLab are mere Tories with red rosettes – we can legitimately make the leap of obviousness.

The right-wing, under Cameron will drive forward to make you pay to see your doctor. Osborne, if he is still on that advisory board and advises on policy, has a vested interest in getting people to pay.

This isn’t about reducing the numbers who see their doctor – it is a matter of having 20 quid to see him/her and taking that, or those, 20s out of the system. The Tories will be aiming for a pre-1948, or war, healthcare system – they have said already that they want charities to take a greater role.

Can the UK go back to those days? If you vote Tory you will be saying a resounding yes.

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  1. Mat Fearns says:

    sneakey little blue b*%$%^&*s

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