What next – water colour paintings?

It does get worse; it really does.

Although the UK police are being advised as to what, whom, who they can stop taking photos they have now become scared of people just pointing a camera in their direction.

And arresting people for doing so – and taking pictures of a shop front – which was quite colourful.

So, what will this New Labour government criminalise next – painting with water colours?

That really is how ridiculous it has got. I don’t know who to blame either – the tits who sit inside parliament or those brave men and women of the UK police who face up to this new threat of picture taking!

I mean, who is going to wash the brushes out before they dry out!?

You can read Alex’s full tale of complete barking-maddery on his blog here.

Bonkers, really, really bonkers!

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One Response to What next – water colour paintings?

  1. MHmedia says:

    Water colours? No.. they take far too long to dry and surely you can’t get the level of detail needed? Real terrorists would only use pencil and sketch books!

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