The softening up process

With a guy in charge of communications who either did, or didn’t, depending on your political belief, preside over illegal phone tapping of private persons – has allowed this story to be published.

What we see from that is the ever so slight nudging of public opinion toward the idea that the country will have to forgo many things to provide unemployment benefit to those out of work.

What it also does is send out a signal that the minimum wage will either be cut or, more probably, be frozen for at least 5 years.

If the Tory corruption machine does get into power it will only be a short time before they are cutting everything in sight – not tax breaks of the rich media type or Tarquin and Esmeralda, but anything to do with helping the – shall we say less well off in our society.

Rather than bringing note that they – though they [The Tories] won’t do it, at all, could simply cut all the databases, surveillance, Trident, military over-runs and rid the country of several layers of government, the poor will be attacked, again.

I am sure the Tory press office will make sure that many more of these softening up stories are floated over the next year – it serves two purposes after all.

1, shows the country to be on its knees and needs a Tory slashing government.

2, gets the public really ready for that slashing government to take what they can out of the public purse, and will give it to corporate bodies.

I would think that Dave will be reading up on Thatcher and Blair and readying himself to bring about more neocon/neoliberal policies – while the rest of the world moves forward the Tories after there stint in power will leave the UK ever further behind and no chance of catching up – again!

Jobs, Dave – bring about jobs – for that will cure a multitude of ills. Unfortunately if he took that advice he would set up another Tory quango to find the “fees-ability”* of such advice and how to do it while paying millions to one of his mates in an advisory role.

“fees-ability”* isn’t a misspelled word – think about it, and quangos, if you can’t make the correlation you are an idiot!

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