Lying bastard!

Nick (Adolf) Griffin says he doesn’t think people would pay to ‘repatriate’ ethnic minorities – nor do that want to, the latter part is true – but indicating that it is just a matter of cost that the British people wouldn’t is pure bunkum on behalf of Griffin.

If you want to see a lie wrapped up as a lie – from a bare-faced liar:

British National Party leader Nick Griffin has said he no longer wants to see an all-white United Kingdom.

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One Response to Lying bastard!

  1. my goodness he is coming out with them lately isn’t he, he’s just been given a boost in Europe and what comes with that boost is that his opinions have to be aired. And he is clearly unprepared because he is saying things that are going to laughed off by those with a bit more punch, its glorious to watch, though I do wish he didn’t have any pedestal at all.

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