An Al Gore moment?

If I had read this story wrong I think I could be of the thinking that Rupert Murdoch invented football – but that isn’t the case, Rupert Murdoch brought about the modern game! Which – when you read that right means that he invented the modern game. Which – in a very odd way is a Tory trying to cover up what could be, possibly, the alleged involvement of the Tory DoC in criminal activity.

A cursory look at the history of the game in the UK shows you that, before Sky’s money, some clubs were doing quite well – Liverpool, Nott’s Forest, Aston Villa. All European champions – not the champions league which was – in my opinion – set up so the clubs and leagues could simply make more money out of the game. That can be said about the Premiership – with one over-riding piece of evidence – one where the game will be changed from 3PM on a Saturday afternoon to 12.45 on a Sunday morning, just to get all the games on.

Is that bad for the viewing fan who cannot afford to go to the games? Of course! Yet, there was a time when the many could still go and players wages were a lot less than they are today – footballers have become celebrity, not the same kind as the day of George Best, he was an exception rather than the rule.

So Murdoch came in with his deal – and invented the modern game – something quite a few still have a hard time thanking him for.

But the linked story isn’t about football – it is about how the leader of the Tory party in the UK has brought in Andy Coulson as his spin doctor, how, in light of the allegations that Coulson was the dep Editor and Editor of The News of the World when illegal phone taps were used on both politicians and celebrities alike – some of them involved in the very game Murdoch’s empire had lauded to the hilt in the pursuit of profit.

How, if it is to be believed, Coulson has acted impeccably since taking the job of Cameron’s spinmeister and nothing to do with looking back and seeing that Coulson is certainly not whiter-than-white. How will this effect Cameron when it comes down to removing any barrier so the Murdoch empire can grow unhindered?

To answer that question we look at how Cameron will take away certain powers of public bodies and hand policy making back to the minister in charge – which, of itself isn’t a bad thing, but that move is now already tainted because of the actions of Cameron’s spin doctor.

This isn’t scurrilous e-mail’s, despicable as they are – this is about phone tapping private people looking for a scoop and to bring in more money from a public that has, thankfully, become more sceptical about motivations.

Cameron promised, laughably, a new politics where one would not bitch-fight and slag off the opposition, where policy would be the route forward.

Obviously that has failed – and I have to wonder where Cameron got the idea that slagging off and bitch-fighting would work – the ordinary Joe likes it, it is almost like a tabloid editors meeting where they want the sensation and not the truth – oh, wait a second…?

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