Levi Johnston: Palin is skint!

If the former shagging partner of Bristol Palin is to be believed – Mrs Palin walked away from the people of Alaska because she wants to do a reality show and write (I giggled at that – she will need a ghost writer) a book. And, I do believe this part, Palin is to be paid millions, the socialist mistress of Alaska gave up on the people for her 30 pieces of silver – but what would that surprise anyone at all?

Maybe there is salt to be taken with this because levi himself is looking to clinch a film and book deal – he needs to pay child support – but that brings about another question in that will Bristol had over some of it – the cash that is – to mum and dad as, as far as I know, she is still living at home.

Plenty of wingnuts will buy Palin’s book – and in all probability watch the Fox reality show – but, that could be on hold if those celebrities who had their phones hacked by Murdoch’s News of the World, sue. If they all do – and will surely win, Murdoch’s media and TV empire could lose a significant sum of cash.

If, and there is no evidence that this has happened, but don’t put it past Murdoch’s minions, there has been phone hacking in the US a class action will put paid to him and his empire in the US.

The ethics cases are not going away from Palin – so by the looks of things she is going to have to fight them on her own – yet, as Alaska has so much oil and gas being sold to many in the lower 48, why isn’t the State prepared to pay her legal expenses? That, I must admit is my ignorance, would other Governors be left to fight their cases on their own or would the State pick up the tab?

Whatever it is – Palin needs the cash – and acting on behalf of the people isn’t going to bring in enough money to pay the lawyers – or it could be, like so many GOPers, a matter of the middle finger and “Hey – I have enough cash now so eff you!”

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One Response to Levi Johnston: Palin is skint!

  1. Mike Licht says:

    Book deals are very much on Levi Johnston’s mind.

    He’s looking for one.



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