New allegations of phone hacking by Murdoch papers

There are times when I don’t know where to begin – whether it be a matter of disgust or simple amazement at the business practices in the UK.

The linked story simply blows my mind – for more than one reason but mostly that – because of fleeting privacy laws – no action has been taken against anyone at News International, owned by Rupert Murdoch.

Rupert Murdoch’s News Group News­papers has paid out more than £1m to settle legal cases that threatened to reveal evidence of his journalists’ repeated involvement in the use of criminal methods to get stories.


Why is it then that an amount, albeit a large amount, can cover up or at least mean that evidence can be withheld when there is a repeated use of illegal activity – or methods as The Guardian claims – to get stories for a supposed newspaper?

This was, of course, an out of court settlement with a gagging order attached – yet how many people have had their cell phones monitored? Surely those who have had their phones ‘hacked’ have a right to know?

What is more fearful to all is that the new government in waiting has as its director of communications the deputy editor at the time. How can he be utilised in a way that and where people can believe him? Would you believe what was press released by a man who was the boss of those journalists who were allegedly involved in criminal snooping?

While we all like a good, juicy story about celebrities and – as has happened recently in the UK regarding MPs expenses – should we allow those stories to be produced on the back of ‘hacking’ into personal cell phones?

The question of privacy in the UK is high due to the database state that is emerging at a pace – will it now mean, should the evidence come out, mean that government minister look once again at a guaranteed right to privacy?

I wouldn’t hold my breath because being the cynic that I am I can see those ministers, celebrities settling out of court, too.

If this story isn’t in the public interest, that a private corporation can, at will, intercept private conversations and data – then I really don’t know what is.

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