James Silver: even diehard Murdoch-haters should hope he succeeds

And why would that be?

Murdoch, Gates, Branson – and a multitude of others have made millions out of being in business. But they have – for the most part innovated ways to get people to pay for their product, some more ethical than others – but that is by the by.

Mudoch being a champion of getting newspapers back into the black – well, to me is a stupid notion. The Murdoch-haters as referred by Silver are whom? Other papers? That means that if Murdoch succeeds in getting the content of The Sun paid for so that onliners can pay to look at a pair of tits – well cool, but that will mean, by default, that The Guardian, Telegraph, Independent ad infinitum will close their pages with only a sneak-peek and the obligatory “Nuh, uh, uh – you have to pay for that part, click here to subscribe”.

I am not saying that there will not be new subscribers – there will. Yet – what you will also get is more people moving away from those sites to others – then the obligatory law suits will start against Google (as they have done so far), Bling, Ask, and will they then go after people who add news content to Facebook, Digg or Reddit?

Murdoch and other proprietors want to make money – that is why they are in business. But is it their business model that has broken down or that we, the punters, just don’t get it?

The former I would say. All you have to do is pick up a newspaper and just see the amount of advertising on the newsprint – swathes!

And, as had been said in evidence of getting people to pay for the internet content – people have to put up with more and more advertising, odd that really.

Other evidence points to sales of, say The Telegraph, where they shot up during the MPs expenses scandal. Now, if Murdoch is to be a hero surely he would have looked at that and asked why?

To idiots such as me – it was and still is obvious. Murdoch and his ilk have reduced news reporting to tittle-tattle and editors, to keep their jobs, have gone along with such. Get the biggest headline and that will sell – not the newspaper itself, but more advertising space.

If Murdoch the hero hasn’t worked out that advertisers have cottoned on to the idea that they are paying way too much for those inches then rather than being a hero, Murdoch is just trying to get punters to pay for more rubbish reporting – and people will be as turned off from that as they are the hard-copy.

Just sayin’.

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