Innocent of piracy

Odd that…

People have been written, basically accusing them of doing a bit of file sharing – and they haven’t. The UK government is ‘cracking down’ on games, music and movie downloads that are deemed illegal.

So, if you receive one of the letters from law firm ACS Law telling you that they are pursuing you for something you haven’t done – make sure you get it in writing as to when, where and let them know you will be there. You will have to make a claim against them – and the companies they represent – and make it a round figure of about 10 million pounds.

I am sure that when people start fighting back against these jackals it will be a good day for all. If they want to accuse you of doing something then they are the ones with the money to make sure they have the right person.

If everyone, instead of ignoring the letters, sued both the law firm and the company they represent – they would get the message.


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