Jenny Sanford to run for office?

Although she is willing to forgive her husband’s indiscretion, she is also saying that the people of South Carolina should not forgive him that quickly.

In the CNN story she says:

“it is up to the people and elected officials of South Carolina to decide whether they will give Mark another chance as well.”

That could, as she is the woman scorned, especially after dear old Mark said his Argentine lover was his sole-mate, leave her open to an election victory – if she should want to run, you read it here first!

Is that too far-fetched, though?

Not really – she would have a sympathy vote and it would mean that the GOPers would have someone in office that the people could relate to and give them a shot in the arm that they so desperately need. A perfect win-win for the GOP.

That would put her only second to the Wild-west Lil, Palin in popularity stakes – let’s see what happens.

And if she takes him back – good on her I say!

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4 Responses to Jenny Sanford to run for office?

  1. museditions says:

    Well, I kind of hope you are not very psychic, Will! šŸ˜‰

  2. Cliff says:

    The liberal media is all over this and won’t let it go away.
    That’s right, ignoring it!

    • The Cynic says:

      Now, who was the guy going after Billy? Newt something – now was he in an illicit affair or was it one of the other GOPers at the time? I can’t remember which – sorry to dear old Newt if I am wrong.

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