Excuse me Mr Denham but …

WTF are you talking about?

Egalitarian is fine as long as that egalitarianism doesn’t piss off the middle-class? The poor are OK staying poor because the middle-class are only looking at becoming the upper middle-class and they are the ones who we want to vote for us?

The man is a consummate tit!

Do take into account that Mr Denham is a (“New”) Labour minister – that “Labour” has moved so far away from its former core voters it is now saying that those core voters should be dumped because the middle-class voters will not accept working-class people into their clique!

If, and there are some, there are those who still believe that the (“New”) “Labour” party is of the political left and not Tories – then they are the ones who are keeping Columbian drug traffickers is business.

“A rejection of inequality – both absolute, relative and of opportunity – is absolutely core to who we are. But we will be more successful – not just electorally but in challenging unacceptable inequality – if we adopt and own a different, more nuanced view of fairness and equality.”

Fuck me!

Please, just give the British people an election and let that electorate annihilate New Labour at the polls so we can get to real politics again.

If New Labour get 50 MPs that will be 30 too many!

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