Well, it’s a damned odd question

Will recent GOP sex scandals affect upcoming races?

The simple answer is – No!

The Democrats won’t vote for them, Republicans will – those like Lou Dobbs who lean in that direction will probably – so the status quo will remain.

It would be interesting to see if any GOPer leant his or her vote to the Democrats – but – and by no stretch of the imagination will it happen.

The only thing that I could see happening it that GOPers stay at home, but that, in itself, brings about a new set of problems, so around and around in the head of GOPers will the round-a-bout turn.

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6 Responses to Well, it’s a damned odd question

  1. Ben says:

    When it comes to the issue of politics and sex, the Dems lost any moral legs to stand on when Clinton received oral gratification from Monica (young enough to be his daughter by the way) while he was on the phone debating on the issue of whether to send U.S. troops into Bosnia.

    Other that the fact history will show he was impeached, Clinton’s sex scandal didn’t affect him adversely. It was because every Dem ran to his defense, just as they are rallying around Obama now.

    Republicans should take a lesson.

  2. Tia says:

    Sure it will be an issue if every media outlet and close minded voter for ANY PARTY makes it an issue. Don’t be ignorant and call him a bad person and politician because his private life is out of sync.

  3. Jack says:

    All of the scandals relating to the Republican party over the last 10 to 12 years have a direct affect on the party as evidence with the amount of seats it now holds in Congress. Many Republicans voters are upset with the lack of leadership and distasteful moral ethics coming from Republican elected officials and rightfully so. It is not just the recent incidents of extra marital affairs of Sanford and Ensign. There have been many more. Remember the Republican male who wound up drunk and pantsless in the dorm of summer aids who were male and under 18. Or the Republican who outed a CIA covert during a war. And the king of them all is Gingrich who went after President Clinton affair like he was the US Army invading Iraq while at the same time he was having an affair. And what were the results of Gingrich actions? Clinton remained in office, but because he was so distracted with remaining as president opportunities were missed to take out bin Laden. You speak as though double standards are used only by Democrats. However, both parties have double standards. And there have been more elected Republicans over the last 4 decades than there has been Democrats. Stop pointing fingers

  4. Ben says:

    I state only the facts, Jack. I let the fingers point where they will. That’s what truth does.

    I spoke nothing about a double standard; I spoke about the preservation of kind. I spoke about scandals and outcome and why some survive it politically while others don’t.

    This is probably where you interpret a double of standard from my point of view… In my book, what Clinton did while acting as President of the United States, compromising the integrity of the office and the interests and security of the United States (think blackmail by a foreign state) and then lying about it under oath as he looked America in the eye quite obviously is light years away from the behavior of the S.C. governor, albeit a bit on the odd side.

    It’s the office being occupied and the lie to America that sets Clinton’s case apart from the governor’s.

    Whenever a politician threatens this country because of behavior I start to take a hard line. It does not matter to me that they may be a Republican or Democrat. We should all take that view; country first lest it become unremarkable, or worse.

    The more the S.C. governor talks the bigger the hole he digs. He’s probably toast, politically. He sure is toast with his wife.

    Do I think he should lose his office over it? Yep. In a heartbeat – just as I believed Clinton should have lost his.

    Do I believe scandals are the sole property of one party? Nope. THAT would be stupid. Weakness of character knows no political boundaries. Some have the character required for the leadership responsibilities while others don’t. When faced with adversity some have the will and the friends required to negotiate through it and come out the other end unaffected by the journey. Maybe a little wiser, but unaffected.

    Remember Nancy Pelosi? Someone wiser than her advised her to shut up. She took the advice. Now, where did the scandal go?

    Do I believe there have been more Republicans than Democrats voted into office over the last 4 decades? Nope. I’d have to see the facts, first. Meanwhile, I’m staring at a 60 seat majority in the senate, and that’s a fact.

  5. Modler says:

    Look the only reason i would not vote for him. is leaving his state in the hand of God knows who. but not because of his private life. I mean forget being a Democrat or Republican, You have to think of what the Independents will think of a guy who leaves his state like that. and what does it say about his character and priority.

  6. Ben says:

    Exactly! This isn’t an issue of Rep vs Dem; it’s about the responsibility of the office.

    If he’s making decisions like these in his private life, what other kind of decisions is he making for the rest of us?

    That’s why I believe Clinton should have been tossed out on his butt, but the Dems rallied around him and saved it for him. It should make you wonder what favors he had to pay for that one.

    Meanwhile, Gov. Sanford is losing friends fast. I expect he will be out of office soon which is the correct way to look at this one, too.

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