Rupert Murdoch has been asking for the BBC to be shut down

Now that Ofcom is saying that Sky, his baby in the UK, may have to open some of its content – he is pissed. OK, not him directly, but the company itself.

Why would that be methinks?

I thought that Murdoch was the lord and master of open, free, markets? Yet – as most people know who do have Sky TV, and another argument rumbles on, Sky sells its content to both customer and other media outlets – at a great profit one would presume, why would they be talking law suit if not?

If you believe in free markets then you believe in competition – yet Sky isn’t in competition with anyone because they have the lions share – and they are not going to let go any time soon, unless the regulators says they have to.

Is this a matter that the shoe is now on the other foot? May be Sky should keep its nose out of other peoples business and consentrate on its own – after all Sky out bids everyone when it comes to sports which, in turn, makes people get a dish so they can see a football match.

Ofcom could, I suppose, ban Sky from bidding for 5 years until the balance is brought back into the market – how would that go down?

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