THIS is why I detest local councils!

I was having a chat with a friend of mine – she always takes the proverbial because of my political stance – and she has never understood why I detest local councils so much. I her view I should love them, stroke them, and play ball once a day to keep them fit.

But this is the reason why – they are pathetic!

Families told doormats are health and safety risk

Families living in a flat (apartment) block have been told to remove welcome mats from their porches because they are a health and safety risk.


Well – because some dickhead believes that people may be, could, just possibly trip over as they run down the stairs during a fire.

This is, of course, absurd! If anyone had ever lived in a block of flats they would know that each door has to be a fire door, there is smoke alarms in every room – and the hall way. The buildings are built of bricks and mortar – with a concrete ceiling/floor.

Now all that won’t stop a fire, that’s silly – but it does give you those few seconds to get out, if you are on the bottom floor. If the bottom flat goes up – no amount of removing potted plants and door mats is going to do anything – you’re going down the ladder no matter what!

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