What Iranian women are saying

Before I bring notice on that, let me just say a couple of things. One thing is a snippet about a conversation with a mate of mine Mohammed Ali – no, not that one, just a guy I know. The conversation was about the importance of mothers, wives, girlfriends, sisters – Ali was much like me, he did then and still does now believe in the power of ‘the female’.

If you want to change the world it won’t happen if you don’t have ‘the female’ support – we knew what we were talking about, and I think that most men do, too.

There was the other side of the conversation where we talked about the base instinct of men to protect “our” women – that isn’t at all sexist or derogatory – that is a matter of nature, mother nature, telling us – men – it is time to step up and stop this shit!

But, as I have seen on the videos coming out of Iran – women putting the rocks in the hands of men and simply indicating to those men, for the most part strangers, ‘Fight!’.

And, as things are – those men will throw that rock and take what needs to be taken. Yet, although so many men proclaim women to be the weaker sex – they stand there and pass more rocks, defiant that they will be a part of that fight. They, as are the men, beaten by those who have better fire-power, yet they will not stand down!

“Once you have been hit – it doesn’t hurt any more”. That was one woman speaking out of Iran. And she is correct. She wasn’t saying it because she was, as we like to believe in the west, because she was a ‘hard case’, it was because she wants what we all want – to be heard and her vote to count as much as anyone else’s.

We must all send our support to both the men and women of Iran. How we do it is up to us.

But if those women are going to hand those rocks over – against overwhelming fire power, then they need to know that their voices have been heard by us and, more importantly, by those other men and women who are by their side.

The Iranian women are saying that this is their time, their time for freedom – and we must support them as much as we can.

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