An American revolution

From CBS

From CBS

When the vast majority of a country’s population – 72%, actually – say that they want reform, why would one section of that society say “No!” – no matter what the people want?

And those who are against the reform whereby all Americans are covered with healthcare? The Republicans.

So, do they deserve your vote come 2010? I would say no – because, simply put, they will not represent what you want – or the vast majority of what you want.

Rather than saying “No!” the GOP should be seeking a bi-partisan way of implementing the scheme and saying that they will work tirelessly until that reform is through the house and on the presidents desk.

Beware a Republican – King George would have been proud of them.

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3 Responses to An American revolution

  1. TD says:

    Could you be any more intellectually dishonest?

  2. leapsecond says:

    So anyone who opposes what the arbitrarily defined “people” want shouldn’t receive votes? Will, this is a case of reversing cause and effect. How do you think the Republicans in Congress got into office? Rigged elections a la Iran? No. Some people who opposed this healthcare reforms and the Dems’ agenda elected Republicans because they agreed with them.

    Jeez, Will, the majority of the people does not equal all of the people. There are Republicans in office for a reason – namely, a MAJORITY of people from those districts voted for them. So how much sense would it make to put Dems in office where the MAJORITY of the people in those districts want Republicans?

    This is just democracy in action. There are an amount of Dems in the House proportional to the amount of districts had a majority that voted Democratic, and the same goes for Republicans. Some people don’t want healthcare reform. Accept that.

  3. Falco says:

    Might I direct you to the first comment here:

    It shows that the idea that 72% of US voters are just wetting their pants in aticipation of socialised medicine to be rather simplistic. When the costs, (even estimating them at a mere $500 per year, I’m pretty sure the NHS comes out somewhat over that), are mentioned, support drops to 43%. A sizable minority but not enough to justify your nonsense above.

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