Then shall we be brave…

[…] and elect a Liberal Democratic government?

Labour may deserve to lose – but the country doesn’t deserve the Tories

It seems to me that most commentators still believe that there is only two party’s that can govern – the Conservatives or New labour. This is, of course a ridiculous notion, there isn’t much difference between New Labour and the Conservatives!

Blair took on the mantra of Thatcher – Cameron believes himself to be the ‘new’ Tony Blair – something I may add I hope he shouts loud and long during an election campaign.

New Labour will not reform parliament.

The Conservatives will not reform parliament.

The only party that has said it will with consultation with the public is the LibDems. I can only believe that they will bring about election reform – the Conservatives won’t, at least they have said so. New Labour said, oh so many years ago, that they would – yet have not.

The British public have to have real change, and you will not get that from either of the current Conservative clones.

What people are seeing now with New Labour – they will see with the Conservatives in, say, four or five years time. When unemployment goes up and spending cuts so severe hit home people will question why they elected a Conservative government. There will be tax cuts for the most wealthy and nothing for those who need them.

Even if the LibDems used a campaign slogan of “Just give us a chance” I say they should win. That, more than anything would hurt both Conservative and New Labour – they would then know that the UK really has had enough of their ways and are willing to do something about it.

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