Some people don’t understand what a tank is…

In trying to increase my readership – I, obviously, read a lot of other things on the intertubes. What I have found is that we all are, again obviously, opinionated. Yet as opinionated that we are sometimes people say things that seem so logical to them – but in the long run it isn’t logical at all.

And this, to me, is the case here.

If “nancyvideo” really thinks it is so simple for Obama to just come out and say something so strong that is could be used to incite more murder may be opinions should be kept to themselves.

President Obama, after being elected President in part due to his carefully crafted image as a champion of the oppressed and supporter of equality for all, has decided that America will remain neutral, as he made clear while addressing (and validating) ‘Supreme Leader’.

From the tone of the piece I would surmise that “nancyvideo” isn’t an Obama supporter – yet I could be wrong.

One would almost believe that our president considers American businessmen more of a threat than a murderous regime, systematically involved in oppressing and killing its own citizens for the crime of seeking freedom. Shame on you, Mr. President. Shame on you for being the first American president in history to decline to stand up for freedom and democracy.

If Obama should come out and be as ‘strong’ as some want – it will be used against the people of Iran who are protesting, and yes, dying on the streets of Tehran.

President Obama is the President of the United States of America! He is not the President of the world, yet his influence is great.

If people really believe that Obama making utterances that even seem like egging on, goading, asking for a collective shooting revolution in Iran – those who are in charge of Iran will be legitimised, by default, to bring the tanks onto the streets and thousands will die in a hail of bullets.

The world can but watch what is happening in Iran – and we can, as I do, support the Iranian people for standing up against those who wish to continue to subjugate them.

Yet Iran is an independent nation and like so many other places around and of this world – we can only wait. As long as Obama keeps the rhetoric low and condemns the murders and violence and shows backing where it is prudent – not as many are going to die.

If, like Bush and GOPers who would have – and obviously still do, want to beat their chests and call to arms, that would mean a massive loss of life.

Diplomacy is not a matter of putting a gun to someone head and telling they agree – it is, no matter hwo much we dislike it, talking to those whom we dislike for the betterment of the many – and a matter of a lot of hope we have done the right thing.

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2 Responses to Some people don’t understand what a tank is…

  1. Right you are! Thanks for speaking up on this issue. Been by Digg lately? It’s gotten strange there.

  2. The Cynic says:

    Nope, Cat – still banned LOL

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