Handing over power to the police

Now, as anyone who should read this knows – I am a cynic, and a very big one.

And something is beginning to worry me. I fully agree that MPs should be investigated, and, indeed prosecuted if they have done something wrong – after all they are still UK citizens and subject to the law. So what is it that is worrying me?

The MPs in the houses of parliament – especially the leaders of the elected parties. Why – it all seems that it’s very OK that MPs should be investigated, as I have already said, I agree with that.

But I can see, for simply political gain – as Dave Cameron has already done – MPs just simply handing over the reigns of investigation to the police without the police having a scrutinising body watching over them.

I don’t agree with the elitism that we have seen over these last few weeks – that has to stop, but I do think that if MPs are to be investigated for such fraud it must, in itself, be as transparent, more so in fact, that the public having access to what MPs do.

We could walk into a place that we really don’t want to be in for purely the reasons of vengeance toward those who have stung us so deep.

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