Mahatma Gandhi and Twitter

It seems really odd me putting that title to this post – but, if you can, think about it a second.

Could you imagine how the great man would be smiling at the Iranian people utilising a small piece of technology to give the powerless real power?

To me – this is the real reason there is draconian laws about the use of the ‘net – call me a cynic if you want, but why would anyone – and I mean anyone at all, try to stop people using a service like the internet when it can bring about putting real power into the hands of the people?

Mahatma Gandhi will be applauding from beyond the grave. For they will have learned Gandhi’s fundamental lesson about the power of the powerless.

The quintessence of people power remains the same, but every new chapter in its history brings some new development. This year’s Iranian innovation is the deployment of the latest information and communication technologies.

Let us all keep supporting the people of Iran – even though the Iranian government are trying to stop that support getting through.

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One Response to Mahatma Gandhi and Twitter

  1. museditions says:

    Freedom of speech (without harm) is basic. Anyone/gov which denies it to their people is askeered o’ somethin’.

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