It was meant to be light-hearted

Xenophobia always is, I suppose, Dave!

The Conservative leader pledged to scrap identity cards during a question and answer session with voters in Norwich.

When explaining his concern about the scheme he pretended to be a German speaking English and said: “Where are your papers?”

While I don’t normally give the time of day to political correctness – the ID scheme in the UK is way too important to the privacy of the UK public for Camo’ to just take the piss.

But, if Alan J dumps the scheme, which I think he will, Dave will have to pick something else.

Earlier one questioner had criticised Mr Cameron’s decision to align the Conservatives with a right-wing Polish party in the European Union.

Mr Cameron defended his decision and said he wanted the Conservatives to join forces with parties who spoke with the same voice on the European Union.

The true colours are seeping out, Dave – you had better call for an election soon or…


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One Response to It was meant to be light-hearted

  1. Left Outside says:

    Johnson’s been pretty supportive of the ID card scheme so far.

    I wouldn’t say there’s no chance of a U turn but I wouldn’t give too much credence to any narrative that has Johnson as some sort of outsider who’s going to be really different to all the other New Labour politicians. I’m not holding my breath

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