David Cameron – The Tramp in the Doorway.

That is so apt – and, I must admit, one of the reasons I don’t get paid for writing, do take note of that.

…appeal to the sort of idiot who thinks David Cameron talks a lot of sense, even though all he does is repeatedly bleat “change” like a tramp in a doorway

And that is so true. We have yet to see what policy Dave comes out with – other than the change theme and that the public purse strings have to be tightened – a lot – but in which dept and which Tory minister is going to be pissed off? It won’t be the health minister – if Dave is to be believed.

Just how much are the Tories going to tax the poor more to pay for the wealthy to receive a tax cut?

Dave is going to win, well it looks that way, by saying nothing other than the government needs to change and he is the new messiah on the rolling hills of Jerusalem.

Dave and his Tories you see, don’t want people to see the policies they are going to enact while in government – what people do know is that it is going to be painful – personally I don’t think the voters have really got their heads around how much – but they are thoroughly pissed off at New Labour (Tory-lite) they just may give Dave-boy and his lot a go. But will it be during the election campaign that Cameron comes out with policy or while they are setting up government?

I think the latter – especially as the ‘*carrion call’ is “We need a general election! NOW!” Dave is relying on people staying angry for a period of time, the death of New Labour could be the only way that the Tories can re-take power – if that anger should cool off any then the other parties can start asking him for policy – and that is precisely what the Tories do not want.

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