Unintended consequences of our operation

Big problem.

War is a bastard, not just a thing you can say is a bastard for the soldier on the ground – that much is obvious. But for those people caught right in the middle of it all.

If you, or anyone at all, thinks that a war can be fought without civilians losing their lives are dumb! I don’t mean plain dumb as forgetting your car keys dumb – I mean so dumb you have just entered the Darwin awards Hall of Fame dumb.

I don’t, nor ever will, advocate the killing of anyone – let alone the civilians caught up in a battle or war of ideals – but if you are going to fight a war, you had better be prepared to fight it to the death.

And that is the problem you have in both Iraq and Afghanistan – we, at home, want a clean war, and there is no such thing.

If you truly believe that the Taleban can be beaten with fighting with the shackles of Knighthood – you’re quite mistaken. The Taleban, and any group like them will only be beaten with overwhelming force. And a much better way of making money afterward.

There is nothing at all that can be said for a clean war. The only people who can turn the tide on anything that is Afghanistan are those who are willing to stand up to the warlords that are the Taleban themselves – and that means the Afghan men and women who say enough is enough – until that happens – you will have perpetual war.

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