So: rather a fascist than a federalist.

Is that what Dave Cameron will be supporting?

No, you say – or whatever grunt you use while engaged in Tory-speak.

But we have to look at this Guardian piece just to see where Dave will be heading in the EU. Or at least his party will.

David Cameron is none of these things, yet this is the ludicrous position into which he has got himself, as he prepares to lead his newly elected members of the European parliament out of the large, mainstream, powerful centre-right grouping called the European People’s Party (EPP)…

2005, when Cameron first announced his leadership clincher, to see the horrified response of Timothy Kirkhope, the Tory leader in the European parliament, who is now charged with sewing together this ragbag. And ragbag is not my word but that of Sir Robert Atkins, the Conservative MEP for North West England, who in 2005 wrote to local Conservatives warning that the party would be left in “futile isolation”, in the company of an “unappealing ragbag” of far-right, racist and Europhobic fringe parties. Tell us, Sir Robert, what would you call it now?

So is it true that the Tories, and by default, Dave and his Eton buddies will align themselves with fascists rather than what they see as federalists?

Could be – but we will have to wait and see if the Tories get a majority.

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