The Beginning

When a twin you always find that your other half is never far away. You were born to the same mother, you had at least started your life in her womb – each distinct yet so much alike.

Rezella and Candice were no different.

Both had grown up and after attaining the great year of twelve. Rezella had fallen ill. No matter what medics did to help her survive the ever increasing pain, the pain took hold and on her birthday – her 13th, she passed away in her sleep.

She had been buried in the family plot and each day, at precisely noon, Candice would go to sit with her sister and each day would recite some story or some news. As the years past by, and never failing to sit beside her sister – Candice knew that for all time her life would not be complete without her true soul mate. Her tears were always fresh and always full of remorse. As it was known now, as then, she felt the moment her sister had gone – and she also felt that her sister was here – close by but not able to be felt or be seen.

Joal Chonner came into Candice’s life in a mid autumn day and by pure chance. The hill she walked up was on this day too muddy to ascend. The rain the night before was out of season – so much so that no one had made any plans to divert it away from the steep incline.

Joal Chonner was sat at the base of the hill heartily laughing to himself. For two hours he had made every attempt he could think of to walk up the hill. He had tried to climb the rough-stone walls, he had made a bruise so large on his shoulder by trying to break down the only door. The walls were too wet and he slipped each time – and the door was far too strong for a mere man to make a dent let alone break down the wooden stop.

Candice observed him with blinking eyes that seem to strum as would a hummingbirds wings. Her head slew from side to side in wonder at how this man could be in such pain and yet laugh so loud.

“Hello!” Joal had glanced around readying himself for another onslaught at the hill, “I hope you don’t think someone as slight as you will be heading up there?”

“I have…I have to see my sister – she is waiting.” Candice took the first tentative steps up the hill under no illution that the laughing man was watching her.

“Be careful! Where you’re about to stand is extremely slippy.”

Candice looked sideways, at first with a full turn of her head then with nothing more than her eyes. And those eyes smiled. As the smile began to register both in the mind and soul of Joal – Candice was gone.


Looking down on Joel she had felt neither sad nor any other emotion if she had been honest with herself. She had tried feigned pity – for he was still trying to climb. Instead she turned, opened the metal gate and sat in her normal place. Today, an odd day so far, was a day when she found she had little to say.

“I don’t know him” Candice whispered more than spoke. “I liked his laugh. He did make me smile and I KNOW that you saw me. Neat trick in bringing me up here – I would never have thought of that…will you do the same for him?”

As ever there was no response to the question – this had happened over a thousand times. A thousand questions and never an answer. Candice simply patted the ground and repeated that it was all alright and that she didn’t really mind.

“HELP! Help me!”

Candice opened her eyes and leaped to her feet. It was the voice of the laughing man – and to her he sounded close by.

The gate gave a scream as it swung open further than it had done in years.

“You made it. How?”

“I have no idea. I was at the bottom, then I was here and I am about to…” Joel fell. He couldn’t stop the decent, the ground still too wet to grip with feet or hands. Grass too far away to make any sort of buffer – and he hurt.

Candice watched as he fell away. She watched and as she saw his expressions of sheer horror – she giggled.

As Joel stood, he was exhausted from both partial climb and fast decent, his gaze met with Candice’ “That is just impossible”

His gaze shifted quickly from Candice to the top of the hill and back again.


“My sister” was all Candice would say.

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    Interesting post you have here. Thanks for sharing. We all have to have someone to love. This site might be of your interest too.

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