When an MP, former MP or prospective MP says: I am totally in favour of reform

You have to take it with a pince of salt – or in my case a lot of cynicism.

PR is a recipe for feebleness, horse-trading and stitch-ups | David Blunkett | Comment is free | The Guardian.

Blunkett goes on to say:

I could wear the alternative vote ­system if I had to, but couple voter ­disempowerment with the AV-plus system of “topping up” the Commons from a party list and you have a dual disaster: the inability to get rid of placemen with no constituency accountability, and the undermining of constituency MPs who are doing the real work.

Just shows you how out of touch he is – well him and the rest of them.

Then you get Peter Hain:

It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3

The grubby, self-inflicted disrepute into which parliament has fallen demands not just cleansing MPs’ expenses of duck islands, luxury lifestyle items and second home “flipping”, but wholesale constitutional reform. There is a yawning democratic deficit and we need to create a politics which is genuinely pluralist and empowering.

Don’t these idiots know that people can read? And all this in the same paper section, one right above the other!

Christ – and they think that cynics like me are the bane of society.

There is already over £10m per annum public funding for parties, and this should be radically extended.

Erm – what!?

Ten million quid!? Why would parties want or need more than ten million quid?

It really is beyond a simple minded person like I – who only wants government to work for the people – all of us. Stop giving tax breaks to those who take jobs overseas. Give tax breaks to the people who really need it. Give people a well funded schooling system and healthcare.

Stop criminalising walking your dog – little things like that.

Electoral reform is needed – but having people, ex-MPs, new MPs or those who want to become MPs arguing over whether to stay with a corrupt system or bring forth a new system that means more people are represented – well – that is just frigging stupidity personified. Or is that what MP really stands for?

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