What price NAFTA?

As a person who has never really agreed with Nafta I wonder now, more than when Bush was in power, will the Obama administration renegotiate it? The probability is that they won’t.

I have always looked upon the agreement as the; North American free trade agreement that will always offer the US a better deal – and so it seems even now.

Borderline breakdown – World – Macleans.ca.

Canada isn’t adding to the US woes by saying that all the US trade coming into Canada has to be this, that and packaged in such a way.


…another front in the war on terror, patrolled by now-armed guards and unmanned drones, riddled with new regulations that business complains tie up trade, and as of June 1, a passport requirement for the first time. From the Canadian point of view, it was the work largely of an overzealous American administration and Congress taking a series of unilateral actions.

Firstly is that, by any definition of the word, friendly?

The US and Canada will be border pals for – well – the foreseeable future. Mexico has her problems of gun running, drugs and political corruption – Canada does not. And at that level is Canada and her border anything at all like the Mexican/US border? Obviously not.

While it is political expediency in the US to woo a new voter, the Latino vote, as it should be because of the make up of the US populace – should it be a matter of saying that the Canadian border and trade agreements should be looked at as no different?

My opinion is that this is morally wrong. You cannot treat one border that is and has been for such a long time quite secure without these draconian laws. What happened at the US southern border has nothing at all to do with Canada – unless you have Mexicans rifting through the US to come here. That has been the case on a few occasions but certainly not to the 12 million, if some figures are to be believes – personally I don’t, Mexicans/Latinos/any one from South/Central America who have crossed the border into the US.

I can say that I have yet to meet a Canadian who wants to live in the US either legally or illegally – and certainly not willing to risk their lives in crossing over the border.

What does Ms Nepolitano want the Canadian government to do – build a fence? I could see that happening with fellow Canadians looking on, pointing and heartily laughing at the waste of money.

“One of the things I’ve learned is that there is this myth that Canadians and Americans are a lot alike in how they view things like trade and terrorism,” Rosenzweig said in an interview. “And they simply are not.”

I, personally, can vouch for that. I have spoken to many-a-Canadian and they simply look at me with some wonder – and that wonder is why are you asking that question?

My question being ‘Do you feel like you are aware of the terrorist threat that the US keeps saying is a real threat?’

Canadians don’t! Agreed, Canadians do see a threat – are pissed off that some idiot should want to kill them for doing precisely nothing to that person.

“Why do it to Canada?” One person said to me – “Why, when we accept mostly all the people in the world for who and what they are?”

And Canadians do just that.

Canadians rival Australians in how laid back they are – though in the last few years that has changed a little. I wouldn’t say that this is because of the US stance on the Canadian/US border issue – but I do think that there is a real strain on the acquiescence between the two countries.

Could this mean that Nafta will be renegotiated at the bequest of Canada rather than the US – or will Canada find her feet and just go out into the wider world and not rely on the US for trade?

We will have to wait and see on that one – but the latter seems to be a bit more pleasing than dancing to a tune you neither know nor want to learn.

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0 Responses to What price NAFTA?

  1. thebeadden says:

    The U.S. will never re-open NAFTA. They have our resources just where they want it.

    Canada probably won’t open it because they fear what the the reaction might be from the States.

    Even if we leave it be and go on to trade with other countries we are still strangled and stuck with this original agreement.

    Wow! I got through this post without fuming. 😯

  2. museditions says:

    As one of those *cough* ‘mercans, I have to agree you make some good points. The terrorist threat nonsense is a control mechanism, like monarchism and religions and things.
    It’s natural for an “entity” whether government, or otherwise, to protect their interests. It’s just that, you know, in the end, we are all one people. What is good for lovely Canadians is good for splendid Americans, and Europeans, and Asians, and…

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